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Product Image Metal Case for Cubieboard3 Cubietruck

Metal Case for Cubieboard3 Cubietruck

$16.99 $19.99

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CubieTruck metal housing (CubieTruck Metal Case, referred to as CT-MC) is a cubie official team dedicated to cubieboard3 latest open source hardware to build the mold. Its design style masculine domineering, simple and reasonable structure, solid materials elegant. 
CT-MC enclosure contains a set; environmentally friendly carton packaging; High sensitivity external antenna set. 
Black surface with oxidation process, never fade. Compatible 2.5-inch hard drive and lithium batteries installed, you can disassemble the assembly itself. 
CT-MC full account of the heat problem (Note: CB3 motherboard itself less heat, power consumption is only 3 ~ 5W, also saving than an energy-saving lamps, but if you install 2.5 inch mechanical hard, hard for a long time due to the rotation will cause heat siltation), outreach to all sides of the radiator fins makes it seem very heterogeneous, can be described as innate stand out. Even such a rough domineering products, still has its place and delicate, and can be described as crude and refined, after the completion of the whole installation do not see any one screw, seamless no traces of chisels.