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Product Image CubieTruck plus Black Metal Case for Cubieboard5

CubieTruck plus Black Metal Case for Cubieboard5

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Product Description:

Cubieboard 5/CubieTruck plus metal case is a new case for the open source hardware CubieBoard5. It has very strong and overbearing appearance, very simple and reasonable structure, and also with solid and high-grade materials. It would target in server areas, industrial control applications, or some other special industry market. Reliability and stability are the most important features in server and industry application fields, so the case heat sinking issue was been taking fully consideration in the design process( Notes: CB5 itself is not so heat, only need 5-10W power consumption, even small than a low efficient light-bulb, but if installed a 2.5 inch HDD, the HDD through a long time rotation will cause a heat deposition issue).The radiating fins stretch in all directions makes itself disparate, but makes it stand out. Although by its appearance we qualified it as rough product, it still has delicate side. And it was crude and refined, we can't see any screws and any chisel trace from the whole machine. It's rational construction was embodied in two sides:firstly, the installation is easy ,Secondly, it keeps the dev-board's nature that is easy for test and hacking, after debugged work, put it into the metal case, it immediately become a high-grade whole machine.

Package Included:

Cubieboard 5 metal case X1