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Product Image 3G USB Module WCDMA for Cubieboard1/2/3

3G USB Module WCDMA for Cubieboard1/2/3

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Product Information

Name:          3G Module WCDMA 
Property:   Software open source, Hardware open, Production materials closed
Target:         Developer, Geek, Maker, Scholar…and finished products Manufacturer

Product Introduction

3G module WCDMA is a 3G module based on MF210/UC15 mini PCIE card that adopts WCDMA standard. It’s a USB interface add-on board for CubieBoards, and can bring data connection service for it. Because of its easy to use and easy to assembly, this board can used in development together with CubieBoards and also can be used in finished products. 

MF210/UC15 can support GSM, EDGE, and WCDMA network, and the transmit speed is HSDPA 7.2Mb/s, HSUPA 5.75Mb/s at maximum. It supports 2100, 1900, 1800, 900, 850MHz Frequency Band. More MF210 details refer to this link. 

In the shipping package, we supply the USB cable and the external antenna to obtain the best signal. If you don’t like the USB cable and antenna in finished products, you can do some modifications. The USB signal can use header pins to connect and the antenna also can be replaced by another type after the signal matching and test. 

Product Features

1. Solution: MF210 / UC15
2. USB: USB Female Type A
3. SIM: Standard SIM card
4. Contents: MF210/UC15, Converter board, USB cable, Antenna, packaging
5. Size: 86.5mm*49mm*8mm

Other Specifications

Operating Temperature: -25℃~60℃
Environment Friendly:   RoHS
Radio Standard: Fcc & CE compatible
Packing Weight: 100g