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Welcome to CubieTruck world! A series of open ARM miniPC!

23 Oct

G2 labs has released a DAC module for Cubieboard

Posted by Heng Yan in Cubieboard, DAC module, G2 labs

The first high end DAC addon for Cubieboard is released and it’s called CubieNOS by G2 labs.



CubieNOS is what it sounds like. It’s a Non Oversampling (NOS) Dac. It’s designed by HIFI enthusiasts for enthusiasts and DIY people.

Our main focus is on best possible and natural sound and not numbers like total harmonic distortion.” – George at G2 labs

The idea is simple. Low number of components with a well thought out PCB design for shortest signal path possible. Early balanced stage in the digital signal path and fully balanced the whole way through with dual Philips D/A converters and a Burr Brown buffered output stage with enough power to drive low impedance headphones. And of course, no capacitors in signal path.

CubieNOS is produced in two different versions, either in a NOS configuration or with a fixed output with a frequency at 176.4 kHz.

L/R Balanced XLR
L/R Unbalanced RCA
L/R Unbalanced headphones 2.54mm pin (header CON_1)
Alphanumeric displayport 2.54mm pin (header CON_2)

Read more at G2 labs http://g2labs.org/2013/10/17/cubienos-for-cubieboard-2/
Buy it here http://shop.g2labs.org/index.php?id_product=1&controller=product
User manual http://shop.g2labs.org/index.php?controller=attachment&id_attachment=1



15 Oct

The feature of cubietruck comparing cubieboard2


Instead of simply listing the specifications, I’ll show a comparison table of the specifications against Cubieboard2.

Cubietruck Cubieboard2
SoC AllWinner A20 Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A7 with Mali400 MP2 AllWinner A20 Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A7 with Mali400 MP2
System Memory 2GB DDR3@480MHz 1GB DDR3@480MHz
Storage SATA 2.0 interface + 8GB NAND flash + Micro SD slot SATA 2.0 interface + 4GB NAND flash + micro SD slot,
Video Output Connectors HDMI & VGA HDMI
Audio I/O 1x TOSLINK (Optical SPDIF), 1x headphone jack 1x headphone jack, 1x line in
Connectivity 10M/100M/1G Ethernet 10M/100M Ethernet
On-board Wifi+BT wireless module with antenna
Misc 1x IR, 4x LEDs, 3x Keys 1x IR
Power DC5V @ 2.5A with HDD, supports Li-battery & RTC 5V/2A power supply or USB OTG input
Expansion 54 extended pins including I2S, I2C, SPI, CVBS, LRADC x2,UART, PS2, PWMx2, TS/CSI, IRDA, LINEIN&FMIN&MICIN, TVINx4 with 2.0 pitch connectors 96 pins including I2C, SPI, RGB/LVDS, CSI/TS, FM-IN, ADC, CVBS, VGA, SPDIF-OUT, R-TP, and more
PCB Dimensions 11cm x 8cm x 1.4mm 10cm x 6cm x 1.5mm



You can now order it at http://www.cubietruck.com/collections/frontpage/products/cubietruck-cubieboard3-cortex-a7-dual-core-2gb-ram-8gb-flash-with-wifi-bt

11 Oct

Unboxing of Cubietruck Cubieboard3

Posted by Heng Yan in Cubieboard3, Cubietruck, Unboxing

Cubietruck is the 3rd board of Cubieteam, so we also name it Cubieboard3. It's a new PCB model adopted with Allwinner A20 main chip,just like Cubieboard2.

But it is enhanced with some features, such as 2GB memory, VGA display interface on-board, 1000M nic, WIFI+BT on-board, support Li-battery and RTC,SPDIF audio interface.

While a10/a20-cubieboard very suitable for student, software/hardware hackers, a20-cubietruck is suitable for us to make real product!

08 Oct

Cubietruck is put into trial production

Posted by Heng Yan

To cater to the majority of enthusiasts demand, Cubieteam launched the 3rd open-source hardware product Cubieboard3 which is also named Cubietruck ( CT/CB3 for short). After finishing PCB layout, we spent 3 months time in debug, development and testing, finally put it into factory trial production in early September 2013.

During the past 3 months, we finished the main jobs as that, soldering prototypes, debug all the feature interfaces, developing testing image for production, developing demo. image for shipment, making testing tools for production, run 15*24 hours long-term stability test under maximum load.

In three months, the CT’s development got lots of attention. Many enthusiasts left their messages on the webpage which contained some anxious mood and prompt intention. Even more, some of them asked the progress covertly to send in private e-mails. In some ways, we faced a heavy time pressure in that case.

As you know, each product needs a development period. Three months for Cubieteam was not even enough, probably for enthusiasts was a long time waiting. Very lucky, handmade prototype and trial production samples fully proved that the PCB version of CT130606 is all right for a bulk batch production. By now, we have placed a PCB production order to our PCB manufacturer. Expected the first batch shipment time will be in early October 2013, there will be approximately 1500 pcs.

I took several photos by my phone in production site, as below:

For more high definition finished product photos, please download from HERE.












06 Oct

The 2nd PCB model cubietruck discussion

Posted by Heng Yan

It has been nearly a year since the Cubieteam launched the first open-source-hardware product named Cubieboard in Aug. 2012.  The Cubieteam started with no product and no market penetration. But as one of Cubieteam, I oversaw the move into a national innovation incubator park from a peasant house, then develop a product from hand soldering to machine mass production.  It attracted numerous companies as distributors.  Every achievement was hard work for the Cubieteam, but it has brought us great satisfaction.

The Cubieteam is a very small team with several young people.  None of us has business experience, or managing a company, but we love technology. We are united because of a common dream, “making a cheap small-sized computer and exchange the technology with geeks all over the world” . Unexpectedly, we received over $90000 to start volume production. This money came from many enthusiasts, friends of the project, and agent companies who generously prepaid to obtain the board. It makes us feel that the “world is filled with love and trust”. Over the past year many people have contacted us to customize and modify the product for them, however making a new product is not very easy. The small Cubieteam has no resources to finish more projects, but we didn’t want to disappoint our enthusiastic fans.

After just one year the technology of computers based on embedded SOCs has improved. We are proud to be on the cutting edge.  Based on many suggestions from the forum, and customers, the Cubieteam decided to design a second open-source hardware product. It’s another PCB model, named CubieTruck. Here are the hardware features:
(Translated by Don White)

Hardware Features:

1、AllWinnerTech SOC A20,ARM® Cortex™-A7 Dual-Core,ARM® Mali400 MP2 Complies with OpenGL ES 2.0/1.1
2、1GB/2GB DDR3@480MHz (960MTPS)
3、HDMI&VGA 1080P display output on-board
4、10M/100M/1G Ethernet
5、Wifi+BT wireless connection with antenna on-board
6、SATA 2.0 interface support 2.5’ HDD,(for 3.5’ HDD, only need another 12V power input)
7、Storage solution:NAND+MicroSD or TSD+ MicroSD or 2*MicroSD
8、2 x USB HOST,1 x OTG,1 x Toslink (SPDIF Optical),1 x IR,4 x LEDs,1 Headphone,3 x Keys
9、Power:DC5V @ 2.5A with HDD,support Li-battery & RTC
10、54 extended pins including I2S, I2C, SPI, CVBS, LRADC x2,UART, PS2, PWMx2, TS/CSI, IRDA, LINEIN&FMIN&MICIN, TVINx4 with 2.0 pitch connectors
11、PCB size:11cm *8cm*1.4mm,very suite for installing a 2.5’ HDD


CT layout