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Welcome to CubieTruck world! A series of open ARM miniPC!

Product Image Cubietruck Cubieboard3 Cortex-A7 Dual-Core 2GB RAM/8GB Flash with Wifi + BT

Cubietruck Cubieboard3 Cortex-A7 Dual-Core 2GB RAM/8GB Flash with Wifi + BT

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Cubietruck is the 3rd board of Cubieteam, so we also name it Cubieboard3. It's a new PCB model adopted with Allwinner A20 main chip,just like Cubieboard2.
But it is enhanced with some features, such as 2GB memory, VGA display interface on-board, 1000M nic, WIFI+BT on-board, support Li-battery and RTC,SPDIF audio interface.
While a10/a20-cubieboard very suitable for student, software/hardware hackers, a20-cubietruck is suitable for us to make real product!
  • AllWinnerTech SOC A20, ARM® Cortex™-A7 Dual-Core, ARM® Mali400 MP2 Complies with OpenGL ES 2.0/1.1
  • 1GB/2GB DDR3@480MHz (960MTPS)
  • HDMI&VGA 1080P display output on-board
  • 10M/100M/1G Ethernet
  • Wifi+BT wireless connection with antenna on-board
  • SATA 2.0 interface support 2.5' HDD, (for 3.5' HDD, only need another 12V power input)
  • Storage solution: NAND+MicroSD or TSD+ MicroSD or 2*MicroSD
  • 2 x USB HOST, 1 x OTG, 1 x Toslink (SPDIF Optical), 1 x IR, 4 x LEDs, 1 Headphone, 3 x Keys
  • Power: DC5V @ 2.5A with HDD, support Li-battery & RTC
  • 54 extended pins including I2S, I2C, SPI, CVBS, LRADC x2,UART, PS2, PWMx2, TS/CSI, IRDA, LINEIN&FMIN&MICIN, TVINx4 with 2.0 pitch connectors
  • PCB size: 11cm *8cm*1.4mm, very suite for installing a 2.5' HDD


Product Details
Package Include:
Standard CubieTruck package, which includes
  • Main board x 1
  • Simple case x 2
  • OTG cable x 1
  • Sata cable x 1
  • Power cable x 1
  • Mini usb cable x 1
  • All in one heatsink x 1